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Quality Principle:
  Insistence on technology creation and quality first, satisfied with customer requirement. Our company passed the ISO9001 Quality System Authentication on December 1998 and passed the examine of changing certificate on July 2001.

Proceeding with ISO9000:2000 edition quality system examining by the year of 2003

Inspection Organization Name: Quality Dept Person: 8
Ainly strengthen the following works:
  ””1. Raw and assist material procurement are strict with quality standard.
”” 2. Strengthen the process control of producing
”” 3. In order to ensure the product quality, we built the three level inspection system.
”” 4. Strengthen internal quality information communication of the company.
”” 5. Strengthen quality control training, Raise all staff quality consciousness.
In order to ensure the product quality, our company equipped a series of powder coating apparatus and equipment:
Serial No. Name of Apparatus Type of Apparatus Producing area
1 Computer Color Machine
Altair X£­1
2 60”ć Glossmeter
Sheen 162 England
3 Paint Impact Tester
QCJ Tianjin, China
4 Laser Particle Size Distribution Instrument
MALVETN””MasterSizer2000 England
5 Thickness Measuring Tester
MINNTEST1001 Germany
6 Pencil Hardness Tester
QFD Tianjin, China
7 Adhesion Tester, Cross Cut
Sheen 750/2£­11 England
8 Paint Flexibility Tester
QTX£­1 Tianjin, China
9 Infrared Oven
101£­1A Shanghai, China
10 QUV Accelerated Light Aging Instrument
QUV America
11 Adhesion Tester, Circle Cut
QFD Tianjin, China
12 Conical Flexibility Tester
QFD Tianjin, China
13 Oven Temperature Easytrack Instrument
DATAPAQ£­2000 England
14 Salt Spray Instrument
VSC/KWT450 Germany
15 Frictional Spraying Gun
Nordson America
16 Atomic Absorption Spectrograph
PERKIN-ELMER-- AA800 America
17 Differential Scanning Calorimeter NETZSCH--DSC204 Germany
18 Thermogravimetric Analyzer
NETZSCH--TG209 Germany
19 Infrared Absorption Spectrograph NICOLET-NEXUS670 America
20 Electrostatic Discharger DABU Guangdong, China
21 Hand-operated Electrostatic Spraying Gun YASUMOTO£­EPG2010£­R Japan
Production Flow Chart:


”””” 1.Qc 1 checked by collocate worker himself,and rechecked by technologist.
”””” 2.Making a sample check on function at QC2 by technology.
”””” 3.Making a check on function at QC3 by QC.
”””” 4.Making a check on film and strength by QC.
”””” 5.Checking package at QC5 by QC.
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